ÚLTIMA HORA: ALOJAMIENTO - Se han negociado unas tarifas especiales para los asistentes presenciales del Financial Congress 2011. Más información aquí.

This initiative, now in its second edition, arose as a response to a suggestion by various members of the website Formación Financiera (in spanish, Financial Education), where people all over the world share financial news and commentaries with the aim of contributing collectively to being more and more financially literate and aware


The event has a double format, FACE TO FACE + ONLINE.

PHYSICAL: The Congress will be held in the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June 2011 in a room with capacity for more than 600 people.

And to achieve participation for all, people will be able to ASK QUESTIONS live to the Congress via Facebook and from home, work or wherever they happen to be, and the questions will be answered live by the experts present.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It will be free. Both the physical and virtual aspects. With this proviso: that those registering to attend the physical Congress (this option will be available on the website) only do so with the firm intention of taking part, otherwise you will be depriving people who could register later of the chance, people who are sure of being able to attend.

However, in the meantime, whether your aim is to attend physically or online, select the option "I shall attend" on facebook (both those of you who will attend physically, and those who will take part free from your computers).

Place - Euskalduna Conference Centre·and Concert Hall, Bilbao

World´s Best Congress Centre 2003

Opened on 19 February 1999, the Euskalduna Jauregia Conference Centre and Concert Hall is a singular building and one of the flagships of the Bilbao of the 21st century. Emerging from a dock where the Euskalduna Shipyard was once located, the Centre was awarded the 2001 Enric Miralles Prize at the 6th Biennial of Spanish Architecture.

The building combines areas for public functions such as the Auditorium and numerous conference rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms, etc.


Bilbao is the heart of a metropolis of more than a million inhabitants. Since its foundation more than 700 years ago it has been the driving force behind social and economic development and a vital factor in the modernisation of the surrounding Biscay region.


Si buscas alojamiento en Bilbao para los días del Congreso pincha el siguente link.


  • Aitor del Valle Sánchez
    Aitor del Valle Sánchez
    Bank Sector Director
    Bank Sector Director. CEO of (in spanish, Financial Education). PD Corporate Finance (Instituto de Empresa Business School). EFA™, European Financial Advisor, EFPA Spain. PSGCB ESIC Business& Marketing School. Graduate in Business Administration and Management (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Eneko Knörr
    Eneko Knörr
    Founder of Hostalia and Ideateca
    Founder of Hostalia and Ideateca Founder of the Association of Internet Investors and Entrepreneurs (AIEI). AMP Instituto de Empresa Business School. Graduate in Business Administration and Management (Universidad del País Vasco)
  • Jorge Garcia del Arco
    Jorge Garcia del Arco
    CEO of Xupera Xperiencing Customers
    CEO of Xupera Xperiencing Customers. TEDxBilbao licensee. Participates in several boards of adigital association. ExMBA Instituto de Empresa Business School.


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